We rely a lot on the plumbing system of our home; it is very important and essential to our day to day living. Our plumbing system is responsible for providing us with one of our most basic need, which is water; it delivers water inside our home, and it discharges waste into the sewer. 

No matter how stable and reliable our plumbing system has been, there would come a time where its components get worn out and present you with problems. When this happens, we try to fix it on our own, but if the problem is too big for our rudimentary skills, we have to hire the service of professional plumbers 

The issue to face in hiring plumbers, however, is that there many of them and the sheer number makes it hard to distinguish which is good from bad. You should not worry though, because I will share a list of qualities that all good and reliable plumbers have, to hasten and helping you in your process of hiring a plumber.

Reliable Plumbers


The first quality to look for in a plumber is if he is licensed. A license is so much more than a piece of card or paper; a license is a proof that the plumber is able enough to pass skill tests. It also means that you are working with a person that has his identity verified, and you would be at ease to think that you are not admitting a criminal inside your home. 


Our plumbing system is complex, and it has so many problems that require different solutions. Your plumber must be versatile enough to know all the techniques to solve all or almost all of these solutions. Not only should he/she be able to fix problems, but he must also know how to install plumbing fixtures in case you need it. 


Another quality that is found in good and reliable plumbers is flexibility in their time and schedule. Plumbing problems sometimes don’t give a clue; they just occur suddenly at any particular time. Because of this, you also want a plumber that is also available at almost any time, so that your plumbing problem will be fixed immediately. 

Fair and Honest

Another set of qualities that your candidate plumber must have is fairness and honesty. He must be fair in dealing with you, charging you with a fee that is reasonable and proper. One way to find out if the plumber is fair is when he gives you a price estimate. A price estimate ensures that he won’t be charging you with hidden charges.  

Good Communication Skills

Plumbers need not be smooth talkers, but they must have good enough communication skills to explain to you the problems of your plumbing system. This explanation is important so you would understand the problem and prevent it from happening again. Good communication skills also mean that he is polite enough on talking to you and the rest of your household.