The plumbing system is one of the most useful components of our home, it delivers water in, and it discharges, waters out. Like all systems, the plumbing system is composed of many components, and one of its most familiar components is the faucet.  

We might not appreciate it, but faucets perform the important function of letting water pour in and stopping it from flowing when we want to. Like all other things though, faucets are also subject to wear and tear and it can acquire damage over time, especially because it is one of the most used component of our plumbing system.  

We should not worry too much though because we can do something about it. To help you, I will share this list of simple and basic ways to maintain your faucets. 


Protect Your Faucets from Stain and Scratches

Because of daily use, faucets are vulnerable to stain and scratches, you can’t prevent it completely but you can lessen it considerably. To prevent scratching, take off any jewelry from your hand when you are about to use the faucet, like the time when you are about to wash the dishes. Also avoid banging your dishes, glasses, and utensils against the faucet, you are not only causing scratches, you can also cause dents. 

Another problem to prevent is stains; stains results when strong fluids cling to your faucets for too long and would damage the properties of the faucet. To prevent this, always place a piece of cloth near the faucet, so you can easily wipe it off. 

Removing Stains and Restoring Sparkle

Through so much use, our faucets acquire stains and it becomes dull. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this seemingly small problem, because stains doesn’t only ruin the appearance, it also damages the physical properties of it and it can ruin it altogether. 

To prevent it, make a cleaning solution composed of equal parts lemon juice and borax; one cup of this solution is enough for one session. Soak a clean sponge with it and rub the faucet, and then finish it by rinsing with enough water. Dry with a clean cloth, and you instantly restore the sparkle and consistency of your faucet. 

Remove Clogging

Another maintenance job you can do is to prevent or remove clogging in our faucets. Clogging can prevent the full flow of water, which is very annoying because it prevents you on washing your hands or dishes fast. Clogging of faucets results from the accumulation of debris and mineral deposits inside. 

To prevent or to remove it, obtain enough vinegar to soak all of the components of the faucet. Vinegar would dissolve this deposits and would restore the natural flow of water. 

Call Professionals

We are lucky enough if we encounter only this minor problems because we can fix it on our own. But if you encounter larger problems in your faucet or your plumbing system, click here to contact professionals to help you.